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"Those whose lives his work has touched remain in his debt."
Peter J Scagnelli
Rev. Peter J. Scagnelli
(1949 - 2017)

"She was liturgical to her core"
Catherine A Dooley
Catherine A Dooley
(1933 - 2015)

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Dear Friends,

As the summer days get shorter, parish life becomes busier. Activities resume and, with spirits refreshed, we take a look at how we can better celebrate the liturgies in our parish and deepen our evangelization efforts. The nearly two hundred people who attended the National Gathering for Christian Initiation™ 2018 in Chicago have returned to their parishes with a deeper understanding of the connection of catechesis to liturgy. Across the country, regional meetings of V Encuentro have concluded, and participants are preparing to attend the V National Encuentro of Hispanic/Latino Ministry in Texas. The Encuentro theme, "Missionary Disciples: Witnesses of God's Love," considers how to strenghten the ways that Hispanics/Latinos respond as missionary disciples.

The feature "Hospitality and Liturgy Partner for Evangelization at Christmas," by Letitia Thornton, considers the many ways parishes can help faith grow through well-celebrated liturgies and outreach. She points out that parishes that excel in hospitality at Christmas Time focus on it throughout the year.

Through the article "Encountering la Guadalupana Starts by Meeting Her Devotees," author Jennifer Owens-Jofré offers another look at how parishioners can help each other deepen faith by sharing their relationship with Our Lady of Guadalupe. Through such encounters, she says, hearts will be open to the Virgin's message.

Pastoral Liturgy® has long sought to reach people in the pews with faith formation and bulletin inserts in English and Spanish. For the first time, it is publishing an article in both languages that diocesan leaders may wish to provide to their priests. Fr. Heliodoro Lucatero, the director of worship for the Diocese of San Antonio, Texas, has written in Spanish and English about the third edition of the Misal Romano, which is mandated for use beginning the First Sunday of Advent. In the article, he explains the differences in the Missal and also how it is based on the translation of the Mexican Conference of Catholic Bishops while following the liturgical calendar of the United States.

In reflecting on the readings during Ordinary Time in the fall, Fr. Ronald Patrick Raab considers how these Scriptures call us to surrender to God so that we can live open to the grace that comes with loving others. Should we give ourselves over to God, we may find ourselves filled with gratitude instead of anxiety.

Liturgy committees may develop a plan to enrich their knowledge of liturgical preparation after reading Monsignor Joseph DeGrocco's Q & A. Parish staff may want to pass the piece along to the liturgy committee and offer to be available for consultation regarding the documents the author notes.

Fianlly, parishes will want to insert in their bulletins Kathy Kuczka's downloadable piece "Sent Forth in Mission to Spread Christ's Love." This faith formation piece will help your parishioners understand their role as missionary disciples as they leave Mass.

Parish life is full now, but take time to refresh yourself. Only with times of renewal are we able to stay patient and loving to do the Lord's work. May your days be blessed.

Bishop Joseph N. Perry
Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago

Using the liturgy as its source, Pastoral Liturgy® has been intentionally designed to be of service to the whole parish with resources for leaders and parishioners, those who are just beginning to learn about liturgy, and those who are seasoned volunteers and professionals.

The six 32-page, full-color issues follow the course of the liturgical year to provide guidance for liturgy preparation, faith formation, liturgical art and architecture, and the many areas of parish ministry that flow from the liturgy to witness the Gospel and build the kingdom of God.

Pastors, parish staffs, liturgy committees, catechists, musicians, architects, and everyone seeking to learn more about how the liturgy forms and informs all of parish life will find this resource a valuable support to understanding the liturgy more fully and incorporating it as the source for all they do. That's why Pastoral Liturgy® magazine is the liturgy magazine for the whole parish!

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