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July | August 2019 • Volume 50, Number 4

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Reproducible Resources
The Church's Relationship with the World
by Kristopher W. Seaman

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Pastoral Liturgy®
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Around the Church
News and Other Items of Note
Feature Articles
Celebrating the Patronal Feast, Evangelizing the Community |
Liturgical Ministries
Spirituality | Nourished at the Altar, Called to a Life of Grace |
Environment | A Dignified Space for Worship | J. Philip Horrigan
Environment | Doing Good Work | Jordan Wanner
Worship Meeting Agenda | Patricia J. Hughes
New Features in Sourcebook Ease Preparation of Liturgy | Mary G. Fox
Initiation | An Engaged Assembly Leads to Well-Celebrated Liturgies | Rita Ferrone
Liturgical Catechesis
Book Reviews |
Celebrating the Patronal Saint |
Celebrar al santo patrono |
Drawing the Saints Close |
Santos próximos |
Parish Picks
Q & A: The members of our parish liturgy committee seem to be unclear about the role of the committee. Are there any guidelines we can follow? | 
Preparing the Season
Trusting in God's Faithfulness
And in Every Issue
Around the Church—News and Announcements
Feature Articles
Liturgical Ministries
Liturgical Catechesis
Preparing the Season
Preparing for Sunday
Doing Good Work (artist profile)
Q and A | 
Liturgical Pioneers—each back cover introduces a person whose life or work improved Catholic liturgy.
Plus book reviews and practical liturgical housekeeping tips.
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