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July | August 2019 • Volume 50, Number 4

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Reproducible Resources
The Church's Relationship with the World
by Kristopher W. Seaman

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Around the Church
News and Other Items of Note
Feature Articles
Celebrating the Patronal Feast, Evangelizing the Community |
Liturgical Ministries
Spirituality | Nourished at the Altar, Called to a Life of Grace |
Environment | A Dignified Space for Worship | J. Philip Horrigan
Environment | Doing Good Work | Jordan Wanner
Worship Meeting Agenda | Patricia J. Hughes
New Features in Sourcebook Ease Preparation of Liturgy | Mary G. Fox
Initiation | An Engaged Assembly Leads to Well-Celebrated Liturgies | Rita Ferrone
Liturgical Catechesis
Book Reviews |
Celebrating the Patronal Saint |
Celebrar al santo patrono |
Drawing the Saints Close |
Santos próximos |
Parish Picks
Q & A: The members of our parish liturgy committee seem to be unclear about the role of the committee. Are there any guidelines we can follow? | 
Preparing the Season
Trusting in God's Faithfulness
And in Every Issue
Around the Church—News and Announcements
Feature Articles
Liturgical Ministries
Liturgical Catechesis
Preparing the Season
Doing Good Work (artist profile)
Q and A
Plus book reviews
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